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Principal's Desk

MRS. Puneeta B Chouhan

Principal, Hill Top School

In the midst of the clamour of the pandemic and the gradual emergence of a new β€˜normal’ in life, replete with its painstaking precautions and explicit safeguards… right in the thick of it all, the Hill Top team continued to work at its own breakneck pace, to reorient its website and present it to all of you in its brand new apparel. We hope to be able to communicate better through our remodelled platform, as we add features in the days to come.

At school, the academic year 2020-2021 has adapted itself quickly to the new set of disruptive predicaments. It is particularly commendable that the teaching fraternity as well as the students the world over, have continued to partake of the teaching- learning processes in the midst of the closures and the lockdowns. Indeed, it is amply demonstrated to the world that nothing stops anenthusiasticaspirant from learning if he/she is genuinely committed.

As we move forward, we propose to transform our annual fest Jamboree 2020 into an online event this year.

 What is our future going to be like? We are poised at a significant juncture in Time, when lifestyles are being redefined. But there is no cause for fear. I recall an old forgotten episode, pertaining to a symposium of scientists, where an aero dynamist observed, after detailed calculations, that considering the shape and flimsiness of its wings, a bumble bee can never fly. And yet, notwithstanding the theory, the reality is that bees and insects not only fly, but some fly as high as Mt Everest!Indeed, Reality often defeats sombre theories like those, that have predicted doom for Mother Earth many times over. But our Mother Earth has great resilience. And so has human species. We will survive this pandemic. With the sanction of Mother Earth, we will live. But before that we need to re-evaluate our exploitative measures, stop being detrimental towards our environment and simplify the way we lead our lives. As of now, Nature has given us a forced break; lets use it to rethink and rebuild our norms for a peaceful life!


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